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Beth Daniels '08

Owner and Principal Consultant
M.Ed. ’08 (College of Education and Human Development)
Alumni Association Life Member

About Beth Daniels Learning, LLC
Meet Beth Daniels Learning and embrace learning as a joyful, playful, and serious adventure!

Beth designs and develops learning experiences for kids and adults. She specializes in interactive experiences—virtual and IRL—that engage, inspire, empower, and deepen learning; always with a focus on equity and inclusivity. Mostly grades K-8, but also adult learning, including professional development for educators and community-based youth workers. Content areas include science, technology, engineering, math, language arts, reading, social studies, and educational equity.

Recent projects include:
• Hero Elementary™, grade K-2 science and literacy for PBS Kids, including TV show, digital games, and hands-on investigations
• Foundations of Intercultural Development, professional development for diversity, equity, and inclusion
• Editing and writing math lessons for interactive, online curriculum and classroom-based curriculum
• Media-based social studies content for studying the history and human geography of immigrant communities in the U.S.

Fun Fact: Beth was a member of the team that developed the iconic simulation, Oregon Trail II.


About Beth
As owner and principal consultant for Beth Daniels Learning, Beth collaborates with a variety of clients to develop amazing educational experiences for young and old.

Beth’s work embraces pedagogical excellence, creative approaches, technology, energy, and the wisdom that comes from depth of experience. Hallmarks include a hands-on minds-on approach that is always equity-focused and rich learning opportunities that are aligned with standards – developing understanding and changing lives for a better world.

Prior to launching Beth Daniels Learning, Beth was the content and education manager for the PBS Kids property, Hero Elementary, with responsibility for the content and pedagogy across media platforms to engage, delight, inspire, and empower young children in under-served communities, their families, and their educators. In addition, she has taught grades K-8 in Minneapolis and St. Paul public schools. She has developed and taught afterschool programming in Minneapolis and surrounding communities including the Afterschool News program. She designed and developed award-winning educational software at MECC and at PLATO Learning, including Oregon Trail, Big Science Ideas: Systems, and Reading Explorations. She authored Research on Positive Youth Development Outcomes for Youth Community Connections. She co-authored A Transformative Transmedia Framework for Early STEM Learners, a framework for developing equitable educational media. She has provided training and conference presentations on STEM learning for young children, youth program quality, experiential and project-based learning, and overcoming systemic barriers to academic achievement. Beth’s clients have included McGraw-Hill, Curriculum Associates, Six Red Marbles, PBS, Nashville Public Television, North Hennepin Community College, PINK Consulting, St. Paul Neighborhood Network, University of Minnesota Extension, and many more. She has facilitated discussion groups for the YMCA’s It’s Time to Talk About Race initiative.

Beth holds a Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction and youth development leadership from the University of Minnesota and a BA in psychology, computer science, and education from Macalester College.

Beth lives in Minneapolis with her spouse, where they raised two phenomenal daughters.