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Heather Willems &

Heather Willems '00

M.F.A. ’00 (College of Liberal Arts)
Alumni Association Member

About TwoLine Studios
TwoLine Studios is a creative problem solving agency that helps leadership teams of Fortune 100 businesses align around problems, draw up solutions and put ideas into action. Our visual strategist graphic record, design and facilitate innovation sessions and illustrate complex ideas with easy to understand visuals that stick.

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About Heather
As the founder of TwoLine Studios and co-founder of ImageThink, Heather Willems is a pioneer in her creative field, bringing clarity and impact to complex ideas through her talent for visualizing solutions. With experience working on high-level teams, she consistently unlocks innovation and creativity for TwoLine Studios' Fortune 100 clients, turning complex problems into actionable plans.

With a background in education, Heather has taught at prestigious institutions like
RISD, Columbia University, MCAD, Ohio State University, and even Google Creative

Her expertise has been recognized by leading media outlets like the Wall
Street Journal, Forbes, Fox Business, Entrepreneur, and INC. She's also a co-author of
the Amazon best-seller "Draw Your Big Idea," in creativity and psychology.

Heather is a sought-after speaker, sharing her knowledge of the power of visuals in
business. She's delivered engaging talks at events like SXSW Interactive, the Women's
Conference in Austin, and Oredev in Sweden. Holding a Masters of Fine Arts from Ohio
State University, Heather is dedicated to using her skills to help businesses succeed.