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Jane Jones Hardcastle '17

M.A. ’17 (College of Education and Human Development)
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About JustUs in Family Court 
Family Court is broken. Statistics prove Judges favor the abusive parent more than 50% of the time when awarding custody. Narcissists, psychopaths, Machiavellian personality disordered abusers use Family Court as an arena to further terrorize the victim's spouse and children. JustUs in Family Court offers strategy for child custody and expert witness record reviews in order to remove hearsay. They also offer assistance with child development cases in the context of abuse. Do not go to Family Court without JustUs in Family Court!

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About Jane Jones Hardcastle
A social scientist and professional counselor with a passion for abused children, Jane will fight hard for you and your children, as it is an issue near and dear to her. Jane will fight as if fighting for her own children. Call now for a free assessment.