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Kathryn Montbriand &

Kathryn Montbriand '06

B.S.B ’06 (Carlson School of Management)
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About Lived and Loved, LLC
Lived and Loved offers a new way to tap into the power of your personal story. Whether you are facing a transition point in life, expressing your love to someone, describing yourself to prospective employers, or just getting to know yourself better, your story is a powerful tool.

Accessing your story through reflection doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t require self-help books or fancy journals or 45 steps to get there. It can be as easy as one simple question per week, emailed right to you. Each experience is designed with manageable questions and an easy-to-use interface. At the end of the question series, our team of writers synthesizes your ideas into a beautiful story. One of our partner artists creates a visual representation of the story.

These documents help you progress in your development journey, present yourself to employers, demonstrate your love to someone or share your story with others.

Our customers say: “It will start you on a journey of introspection, self-love and gratitude for your life’s journey. “ and “Katie's process yields a unique and stirring view into better understanding what makes you who you are.”

Our Experiences
Unlock Your Purpose: 8-week experience to answer the big life questions (who you are, what you're about) and get unstuck. Great for anyone going through a transition or thinking about their next chapter.

Land Your Role: 5-week experience to get crystal clear on your career story and grab the attention of employers. Perfect if you are changing direction mid-career or as a starting point for new college grads!

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About Kathryn Montbriand
Kathryn is a Minnesota native who graduated from the Carlson School of Management in 2006 before heading off on a journey that took her to the west coast, east coast, and abroad to earn an MBA in Barcelona. She returned to her Midwestern roots in 2018 when her husband opened a business in Iowa and their family relocated to Minneapolis.

In 2015, Kathryn lost her oldest sister, an event that went on to change the course of her life journey. While healing from that loss, she discovered the power of claiming her story. By speaking about the experience, she was able to overcome her grief and connect with others who had lost someone they loved.

While working at a Fortune 500 bank Kathryn formed a team of ‘Culturists’, a first of its kind, focused on improving the employee experience. She had seen the power of story in healing from her loss and wanted to share it in a corporate setting. Her team built story tools for teams that allowed them to share their stories authentically and create psychological safety. During a career break in 2021, Kathryn turned her attention back to stories. Once again, her story helped her find the next steps and move forward.

Now she is bringing that experience to others who need clarity and transformation. She created Lived and Loved with these concepts in mind:

  • make story easy and accessible
  • give people all the value without the feeling of overwhelm
  • provide a guiding hand every step of the way
When she isn’t working, Kathryn keeps busy training in Krav Maga, writing a career advice column, and gardening at her cabin ‘up North’.