Lana Gendlin Brooks &
Lana Gendlin Brooks &
Lana Gendlin Brooks &
Lana Gendlin Brooks &

Lana Gendlin Brooks '99 and Karina Muller '97

Lana Gendlin Brooks, Co-Founder
B.A ’99 (College of Liberal Arts)
Alumni Association Member

Karina Muller, Co-Founder
B.A '97 (Carlson School of Management) 
Alumni Association Member

About HeartCentric Divine Creations
At HeartCentric, we are on a mission to help people connect to their intuition with the help of a pendulum. We handcraft one-of-a-kind pendulums, and other spiritual jewelry, and coach clients on how to use them to connect to the guidance already inside of all of us.
Pendulums are weighted tools that help you connect with your intuition and access information buried in your subconscious mind. They are powerful, tactile tools that we can see and feel working with our own energy. A pendulum is a conduit that carries information from your subconscious mind and connects with your heart, where your intuition resides. It then transfers that information to create a physical and visual movement. This unlocks the true nature of your intuition and opens your mind to different perspectives.
Each HeartCentric Divine Creation is handcrafted with intention and meaning. The stones used in our products contain healing properties that are matched with an angel number for added guidance and inspiration. Every creation is divinely designed and created to be as unique as its owner.

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About Lana
My story begins with an innate curiosity about people, their cultures, and shared stories. Growing up in a bilingual home, I had a worldview and diverse upbringing that broadened my perspective on working with diverse communities. This provided me with a deep cross-cultural understanding that led to my early career in arts and culture organizations, including the Smithsonian Institution. My experience spans many facets of nonprofit, corporate, and startup organizations, which has given me a wide lens into the complexities of working in various industries and business models. I founded HeARTs Work Coaching and Consulting and co-founded HeartCentric Divine Creations and HeartCentric Coaching Collaborative.

About Karina
I am a go-to expert and trusted advisor for professionals and individuals who want to get the most out of life. I started my career at Accenture as a consultant where I gained my passion for helping others. After getting my MBA at University of Minnesota, I worked in marketing for companies such as General Mills and Honeywell before forming my own company. While in corporate, I managed businesses, with P&L responsibility, worth hundreds of millions in revenue and led teams that spanned the globe. My years in leading global corporations gave me first-hand insight into the pace at which successful people today are expected to operate. I am passionate about helping professionals and individuals find ways to experience well-being despite the rigorous demands of work and everyday lives. I founded ClientCentric Consulting & Coaching and co-founded HeartCentric Divine Creations and HeartCentric Coaching Collaborative.