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Michael Holstein '71

Retired Professor
Ph.D. ’71, M.A. '72 (College of Liberal Arts)
Alumni Association Member

About Madrone Press LLC 
I am a retired professor and now a book artist. I've lived and travelled abroad many times, and many of my books reflect my wanderings. I write, illustrate, lay out, print, and hand bind a variety of my books in a variety of different formats. I have exhibited and sold my work in various book shows, in museums, university and public libraries. My books have been bought by private collectors, used as gifts, purchased for special collections in university libraries. One of my haiku mobiles was used as the grand prize in a recent holiday party of a physician's group. I can supply many of my books in multiples, especially if given enough lead time.

I lived in Minneapolis from 1964-71, studying and teaching. I took a lot of different courses in many different fields while getting my M.A. and Ph.D. in English, and I met and married my Ph.D. professor wife, now retired, there. I went camping, once, snowshoeing, once, and to a Vikings' game, once when it was 7 degrees below zero with a 23 mph wind at kickoff. Priceless.

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About Michael
Michael Holstein, a retired professor who taught at U of M, U. Texas, Austin, Fordham, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Oregon Institute of Technology, and Southern Oregon University, has also worked as an editor/contributing author, and has edited, co-authored, and marketed four college textbooks in a variety of fields. He is currently a calligrapher, illustrator and book artist.