Meatloaf Outside the Pan Cookbook
Meatloaf Outside the Pan Cookbook

Meatloaf Outside the Pan Cookbook

Carol Falkowski

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With Carol Falkowski’s ground-breaking cookbook, Meatloaf Outside the Pan, you can delight the whole family with new, exciting, and creative ways to serve meatloaf - the ultimate comfort food.

Many of us have fond memories of eating meatloaf around the family dinner table. But even though it has an amazing taste, it rarely has an amazing look...until now.

Carol Falkowski shows you how to think outside the pan. Discover new ways to transform ordinary, brick-shaped meatloaf into a stunning and delicious dinner entree that is decorated with colorful sauces and vegetables.

Impress the family with a variety of holiday meatloaf creations such as a Shamrock, Valentine, American Flag and many other kid friendly designs. A great gift for anyone or any family who loves to cook.

Food can be fun! And we all know that meatloaf is delicious. Happy creating!

Paperback book is 56 pages and measures 6 x 9 inches


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