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Ann Underbrink Hill

J.D. ’86 (Law School)
Alumni Association Member

Ann Hill

While attending the University of Minnesota Law School, Ann became interested in issues of international law and policy. She practiced corporate law for 15 years, before deciding the time was right to make a switch and pursue her passion for helping empower women in developing nations by supporting their livelihoods. She partnered with Valerie Kohlmeyer (pictured right), who has lived in Singapore and traveled extensively throughout the Far East, to establish Gifts for Good. Their goal is to support and empower talented artisans working hard in particular countries where poverty rates and oppression towards women is extremely high. Ann and Valerie create product designs that will appeal to the U.S. market and work with the artisans to produce the items of interest. The income each artisan earns from the sale of their craft not only provides for the needs of their family, but the sales also bring hope and a strong sense of dignity and self-worth to the women. Ann recalls, "There was a woman in rural Uganda who told me that she was not allowed to speak in her home until she began to earn an income from the goods she made and sold through Gifts for Good. Today, she speaks openly and is proud and respected by her husband, family and the community."

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Class of 1986

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