Angela Lillehei &
Angela Lillehei &

Angela Lillehei '78

B.S.N. '78 (School of Nursing)
M.P.H. '84 (School of Public Health)
Ph.D. '14 (School of Nursing)
Alumni Association Life Member

Angie loves the University of Minnesota for all the opportunities her education has provided her in her health care leadership journey. Most recently she completed her Ph.D. in nursing with a successful research study on inhaled lavender and sleep. Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) showed statistically significant improvement in sleep quality. As part of her research dissemination and getting the word out to those with sleep issues, she started Noctilessence™, LLC which creates Lavender inhalation patches for sleep. She is looking at expanding to create inhalation patches for other health issues as well.


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