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Carol Falkowski '75, Author

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About Meatloaf Outside the Pan
Carol Falkowski stood resolute in her Minnesota kitchen, a spoon in her hand and ground beef in a bowl in front of her. Her goal was simple: find a way to rejuvenate the reputation of the humble but often maligned meatloaf -- ordinary, lackluster and rectangular. There was only one way to do it. To give her favorite dish the makeover it deserved, she’d have to think outside the pan. Meatloaf Outside the Pan, her ground-breaking, pan-busting book, is the result of that epiphany. Here, Falkowski shares the techniques for creatively-shaped and decorated meatloaves, and shows you how to make fabulous entrees that not only feed your family, but return meatloaf to the rightful place at the dinner table it so richly deserves. “It's time for meatloaf to LOOK as good as it TASTES," says Falkowski, “and once you start thinking outside the pan, the possibilities are almost endless!”When not dreaming up new meatloaves and enjoying her latest culinary creations, Falkowski is a nationally-recognized addiction expert who has served in the public and non-profit arena for more than three decades. Her parents, her spouse and her two children are all U of M alumni.

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