Karin Miller &

Karin Miller '94

B.A. '94 (College of Liberal Arts)

Karin has happy memories of spending time with her grandma and adding a little cinnamon sugar mixture to various treats. It’s an imprint that stuck with her as she grew up, and it nurtured into an entrepreneurial opportunity. Since bringing Nordic Cinnamon Sprinkle to market, she decided to bring Nordic Vanilla Sprinkle and Nordic Glogg Mulling Spice to market in the fall of 2017. This is a way for her to share her family’s work with yours. And it’s a way for her to share the importance of speaking with relatives about your own family’s history to ensure you’re able to pass special memories and traditions on. In 2017, she decided to create an umbrella company, Nordic Goods. "The products will be similar and complete the mix to hold true to our mission statement," said Miller. "To inspire Nordic traditions through baking, gathering, and celebrating the Scandinavian heritage. I have never claimed to be an expert on any of this, and I am learning right alongside all of you, so please keep sending me ideas and inspirations...SKOL!"

Karin can be reached at nordicsprinkle@gmail.com  or on LinkedIn.