Lana Gendlin Brooks &
Lana Gendlin Brooks &
Lana Gendlin Brooks &
Lana Gendlin Brooks &

Lana Gendlin Brooks '99 and Karina Muller '97

Lana Gendlin Brooks, Co-Founder
B.A ’99 (College of Liberal Arts)
Alumni Association Member

Karina Muller, Co-Founder
B.A '97 (Carlson School of Management) 
Alumni Association Member

About HeartCentric Divine Creations
HeartCentric are a collaborative for life coaches and diverse practitioners who empower others to live their best life. Their aim is to change the world one relationship at a time. They believe in the power of creativity and universal love, so it came as no surprise when they discovered their passion for making Divine Creations by opening their hearts and listening to guidance from the universe. The amount of joy they get from making divine creations is the greatest gift they feel that they can pass on.

Every creation is handcrafted with intention and meaning. What inspires them is knowing they will provide a deeper connection with self and spirit to those who hold them. They hope your creation brings you joy, wisdom, and guidance, as it has brought many moments of clarity hope and inspiration to them.

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About Lana Brooks
As a life coach and Creative Wellness advocate, Lana empowers others to discover their innate creativity and shift by tapping into their creative flow. Achieving this state allows you to envision different possibilities that life has to offer and step into a life of fulfillment, whether navigating through challenging times, facing career issues, relationship concerns, or finding peace and balance.

Lana Grew up in a bilingual and multicultural home. She has her MA from The George Washington University and Life Coach Certification from Learning Journeys (ICF accredited).Her early career was in arts and culture organizations. She has experience that spans facets of nonprofit, corporate, and startup organizations, and she has honed marketing skills working at fortune 500s. She has also helped launch a 34,000 sq. ft. creativity center, HeARTs Work Coaching and Consulting, and co-founded HeartCentric Coaching Collaborative and HeartCentric Divine Creations.