Mica Lee Anders &
Mica Lee Anders &

Mica Lee Anders '09

M.F.A ’09 (College of Liberal Arts)
Alumni Association Member

About Anders Genealogical Services 
Every family has their own unique story. Anders Genealogical Services' genealogy research services can help to provide answers and even discover unknown relatives. With expert knowledge, passion, and determination, they can connect you with your unique family history so you can share your story with future generations.

Whether you need help making sense of records you’ve already collected or inherited, or you’re starting your family history research journey from scratch, Anders Genealogical Services offers a genealogy research package that will meet your specific needs. Looking for a unique way to showcase your family history? They offer custom family trees to display in your home or gift to a family member.




About Mica Lee Anders
As humans, we crave connection and belonging. Mica L. Anders is passionate about helping her clients establish a connection with the people who came before them. With Anders Genealogical Services, you’ll learn more than just dates and names, you’ll learn your story.

Mica is a professional genealogist, lecturer, and oral historian with over 15 years of experience. Her special interests include African American genealogy, anti-racist genealogy, and families from the Midwest. She holds an MFA in art and enjoys combining her two passions, genealogy and art, to research, design, and curate community history exhibits. Mica is also a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

Mica is grateful she was able to turn her passion for genealogy research and family reconnection into her career. For her, it’s all about finding that missing piece of the puzzle. The opportunity to reintroduce people to their ancestors and witness the moment her clients finally feel that sense of belonging, is priceless.

When Mica isn’t researching her clients’ family history, you can find her traveling, creating art, dancing, or hosting a game night with friends.