Quartz Single Nugget Earring
Quartz Single Nugget Earring

Quartz Single Nugget Earring

Yen Chee Designs

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These classic quartz earrings are perfect for everyday wear. They add a beautiful sparkle to all skin-types, and are made out of the highest quality quartz crystals. Natural and from the earth, these stones are called "universal crystals" because they promote harmony and balance, and attract positive energy to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

Materials: clear quartz crystal, 14k gold-fill (see description below)

Length: approx 1-1/4" 

What is gold-fill? Gold-filled materials are made by heat and pressure, bonding a 5% layer of karat gold to a base metal. Gold-fill has an actual layer of karat gold that is about 100 times thicker than plated gold which has about .05% gold. These pieces can often last a lifetime without tarnishing.

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