Ryan Rosenthal &
Ryan Rosenthal &

Ryan Rosenthal '11 and Michael von Fange '12

B.S.B. '11 (Carlson School of Management)
B.S. '12 (College of Science and Engineering)
Alumni Association Member

About Simpls
Simpls is an e-commerce platform of sustainable, chef-curated, ready-to-heat frozen foods delightfully delivered to your door. Owners Mike and Ryan are avid Millennial foodies passionately committed to solving their own Millennial family mealtime conundrum and creating a healthy, equitable, and regenerative food system. Current products include scratch-made soups, hand tossed pizzas with naturally leavened crusts, local breads, and in-house baked goods. Simpls is continuously expanding and excited to launch new products soon! Community is at the core of Simpls. Simpls aspires to be a partner that creates win-win solutions believing it vitally important to address the biggest issues faced in our community in relation to food. These include food insecurity, equitable access to healthy foods, climate change, food system sustainability and resiliency. Overall, solving these issues will create a healthier market and thus better opportunity for businesses and consumers.

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865 W. Pierce Butler Route
Saint Paul, MN 55104


About Ryan and Michael
After graduation Mike and Ryan pursued different careers in the corporate world. After both traveling out of state for 2 years, they ended up rooming together back in Minneapolis. In late 2013, they began brainstorming and creating the business plan for Simpls, which launched September 2014. It originated as a brick-and-mortar concept focused on sustainably sourced grab and go meals in the Minneapolis Skyway. They grew the business to 3 locations and a commissary kitchen. In March 2020, the pandemic resulted in Simpls permanently closing all 3 stores, but out of that chaos came the opportunity to rebuild the business into its current form.