CIDRAP Long Live Mama Kitty T-shirt

CIDRAP Long Live Mama Kitty T-shirt

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If you are a fan of the 'The Osterholm Update: COVID 19' podcast, you will get this - and so will your friends!

Great graphic message on a short sleeve black tee. Proceeds go to CIDRAP.

4.5 oz 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester

This is a story Dr. Osterholm told on his podcast in October 2020:

"I just have to tell a story that fits in with my initial dedication here, and that is that I have a very, very dear niece who I'm very proud of who lives in California and her husband, Dan, who, by the way, has been very helpful to us with our sound system, were unfortunately victims of the Santa Clara fire in which they lost everything that they had. It was remarkable. And in fact, their house was a picture in The Wall Street Journal two days after the fire where they're stacked washing machine was one of the few things you could still tell that haven't been charred was in fact, at least recognizable. And Sarah and Dan and their three kids were displaced. They got out of their home quickly. They were able to get the family dog, but unfortunately, they could not find the family cat. And this particular cat, known as Mama Kitty, actually was very much a partner to one of the three, my grand nieces, Mila. And so they realized that the likelihood that Mama Kitty had perished in the fire, it was reasonable to think when you saw the scorched earth kind of environment there. But several weeks after the fire, someone thought they reported seen the Mama Kitty somewhere in the fire area. And so there was some hope even after they'd already had a funeral for the cat. And I just want to report that at six weeks and two days Mama Kitty was not only seen, but with the help of a local organization, they were able to put food out for her and capture her in a live trap. She had a sizable burn on top of her head, one in her cheek, but doing well. Somehow, after six weeks, what a miracle. After having been scrubbed up, cleaned up the wounds, taking care of a bit, Mama Kitty fell asleep on the chest of my grandniece, just like she had done for many years before. Now, you know if a cat can do that, first of all, they reaffirmed the concept of nine lives. But second of all, it should give us all hope. I mean, come on. We got to have hope right now. And Mama Kitty is my beacon right now in terms of we're gonna have hope."

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