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The MN Alumni Market is the only place to shop or find U of M alumni-owned businesses.

By listing your business in the MN Alumni Market Business Directory, you have unlocked the ability to reach over 510,000 people globally and 300,000 people in the Twin Cities metro area. Launched in 2017, it was established to connect alumni entrepreneurs with each other and to provide a list of alumni-owned businesses for alumni and friends to support.

Did you know that the MN Alumni Market is still the only store of its kind in the world?! If you’re a graduate of the University of Minnesota System (any of the five campuses), you're invited to submit your product or service for consideration. 

Why join the Market Business Directory

1. Open the door to invaluable marketing exposure.

2. Connect with fellow alumni for collaboration, networking, and mentorship

3. Maximize your reach as a preferred partner of the Alumni Association.

4. Access talented students for project based support.

5. Unlock Alumni Association member benefits through Maroon and Gold Rewards

6. Apply for wholesale opportunities. 

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Requirements for participation:

  • Must hold a degree from the University of Minnesota
  • Must be a member, or become a member, of the University of Minnesota Alumni Association (Annual Subscription or Life Member)
  • Must own a percentage of the business
  • Businesses subscribed to annual listing fee of $50/year with a 3 year commitment

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By taking this step, you will submit your business details and jump start the application process. Once completed our team will reach out to verify necessary requirements for participation as noted above. Check out our FAQs for more information. 

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