MN Alumni Market - Get In Today!

Welcome to the ONLY one-stop shop for U of M alumni-owned businesses. The MN Alumni Market was established in 2017 by your University of Minnesota Alumni Association (UMAA) to drive alumni support of entrepreneurs in a way never done before.

By selling your product or listing your service in the MN Alumni Market, it unlocks your business to the U of M community of faculty, students, alumni, and friends. That is over 500,000 people globally and 300,000 people in the Twin Cities metro area.

Did you know? The MN Alumni Market is still the only store of its kind in the world?! If you’re a graduate of the University of Minnesota System (any of the five campuses), you are invited to submit your product or service for consideration. Let’s get started!

Option 1: Sell Your Product (for businesses with a wholesale program)

We are happy to consider any item available for wholesale, but are currently not able to support books or healthcare items. Products can be generic in nature or customized to include school colors or other branding that may have appeal to fellow alumni. All branding must be through a licensed vendor. Apply here.

Option 2: Get Listed (services and other products)

If you offer services or if you offer products but do not have a wholesale program (this includes books and most artwork), inclusion in the Market is a benefit of membership and a small listing fee applies. Check out our FAQs and apply here.

Why should you be in the MN Alumni Market?

It’s built for you and because of you! Numerous alumni entrepreneurs asked the UMAA to create a system & campus-wide community of entrepreneurs -- regardless of their college -- to connect with one another for a variety of reasons. Those reasons range from mentorship to collaborations and more. Simultaneously, alumni and friends asked for a list of alumni entrepreneurs that they, too, could support, whether it be places to dine, dentists to visit, or for their gifting needs. The Alumni Association responded, and the MN Alumni Market became a reality in November of 2017.

Requirements for participation:

  • Must hold a degree from the University of Minnesota
  • Must be a member, or become a member, of the University of Minnesota Alumni Association (Annual Subscription or Life Member)
  • Must own a percentage of the business
  • Businesses without a wholesale program must pay a listing fee of $100/year (or $50/year with a 3 year commitment)

Have more questions?

Start with our FAQs.