Join the MN Alumni Market

As a graduate of the University of Minnesota, you are invited to submit your product or service for consideration to the Minnesota Alumni Market, where all businesses are alumni-owned and marketed to fellow alumni and friends.

In this Market, you will find a variety of products and services offered by University of Minnesota alumni-owned businesses.

Products (Wholesale)

We are happy to consider any item available for wholesale, but are currently not able to support healthcare items. Products can be generic in nature or customized to include school colors or other branding that may have appeal to fellow alumni. All branding must be through a licensed vendor. Apply here.

Other Products & Services

If you offer products but do not have a wholesale program (this includes books and artwork), or if you offer a service, inclusion in the Market is a benefit of membership. Learn more and get listed here


  1. Make alumni & friends aware of University of Minnesota alumni-owned businesses

  2. Create a new marketing channel for alumni-owned businesses

  3. Connect alumni sellers and shoppers

  4. Promote business relationships between alumni

  5. Help launch new alumni businesses

  6. Generate revenue for the University of Minnesota Alumni Association

Requirements for participation:

  • Must hold a degree from the University of Minnesota
  • Must be a member, or become a member, of the University of Minnesota Alumni Association (3 Year or Life Member)
  • Must own a percentage of the business