Aamina Muhammad Vela &
Aamina Muhammad Vela &
Aamina Muhammad Vela &
Aamina Muhammad Vela &

Aamina Muhammad Vela '14

Co-Founder/Project Support Specialist
B.A. ’14 (College of Liberal Arts)
Alumni Association Member

About ROQA Productions
Welcome to ROQA Productions, a pioneering minority-owned creative production agency. Our goal is to provide excellent digital marketing and full production services. We use innovative storytelling and dynamic content creation to empower voices, bridge gaps, and shape resonant narratives.

121 N Washington Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55401


About Aamina
I am the proud owner and co-founder of ROQA Productions, and my journey has been driven by a deep passion for amplifying the voices of Black individuals and people of color in the world of media and entertainment. As a certified minority business owner, my mission revolves around creating a powerful platform that empowers underrepresented creators to share their stories, experiences, and perspectives with the world.

Collaboration lies at the heart of our success, and my husband is an integral part of ROQA Productions. He serves as the lead videographer and Creative Director and Marketing Specialist bringing his artistic flair and technical expertise to every project. Our partnership is grounded in a shared commitment to authenticity and innovation, a passion we've honed through our backgrounds as interdisciplinary artists. Together, we ensure that every endeavor undertaken by ROQA Productions is a masterpiece that resonates with audiences on a profound level.

My role extends beyond ownership – I am deeply involved in the project management department, overseeing project logistics with meticulous attention to detail. Drawing from my extensive experience in project management, I ensure that every project we undertake is executed flawlessly from inception to completion. This strategic approach not only guarantees the success of each initiative but also reflects our dedication to the creators we collaborate with.

ROQA Productions is more than a business; it's a movement. Guided by my personal experiences and a burning desire for change, we're rewriting the narrative in media and entertainment. With my husband's creative brilliance by my side, we've forged a path that champions diversity, challenges stereotypes, and uplifts marginalized voices.
In a world where representation matters, ROQA Productions stands tall as a beacon of hope, empowerment, and transformation. Our journey is one of resilience, innovation, and impact – a journey that is strengthened by our shared commitment to diversity and creativity. Together, we're making waves, one story at a time.