Emily Diedrick &
Emily Diedrick &

Emily Diedrick '13

B.S. ’13 (College of Continuing and Professional Studies)
Alumni Association Member

About Discovered Designs
Introducing Discovered Designs, the Minnesota company that specializes in handcrafted signs to give your home or business a new spark of life. Whether you are looking for unique custom signage that reflects your brand image, or stylish ready to ship options, they are all available on discovereddesigns.com. Discovered Designs signs are the perfect gift for any occasion - the creations will turn heads! Made with love and resilience, perfect for all climates - spruce up those outdoor or indoor spaces today with Discovered Designs!

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Use coupon code GOGOPHERS for 15% off of your sign order you place directly through our website at www.discovereddesigns.com.

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About Emily
Emily and Derrick's story is a beautiful example of two people coming together to create something extraordinary. After years working in event production, Emily was inspired to found Discovered Designs - purveyors of Made-In-America custom home decor with an added personalized touch. The married couple first met back on the University of Minnesota campus all those years ago, but it didn't take until recently for them to truly join forces in business! With his experience managing commercial construction projects alongside her passion for crafted artistry - this power duo has created products that will bring joy to homes and small businesses.