Hannah Knutson &
Hannah Knutson &
Hannah Knutson &
Hannah Knutson &

Hannah Knutson '18 and Adriana Ernst '17

B.F.A. ’18 (UMD School of Fine Arts), B.A.S. '17 (UMD School of Applied Science)
Alumni Association Member

About Lakehouse Candle Co. 
Lakehouse Candle Co. is a local, women-owned business that specializes in lake-based, hand-poured soy wax wooden wick candles. The foundation of Lakehouse Candle Co. is built on the love and appreciation for the land of 10,000 lakes that both owners grew up around, as well as got to know each other through. Lakehouse's mission is to honor our lakes in a way that is meaningful, as well as enjoyable for our customers and fellow lake lovers!

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6828 Washington Ave S
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

About Hannah and Adriana 
Born and raised in the land of 10,000 lakes both Adriana and Hannah, along with all Minnesotans, have found a deep appreciation for the beautiful land we get to call home!

The story of Adriana and Hannah begins at the University of Minnesota Duluth where the two found themselves as roommates from start to finish. During their years in Duluth, Adriana found a passion and talent for photography. Getting most of her inspiration through exploring the land of the Northern Shores of Lake Superior. Hannah, graduating with a graphic design & marketing degree at the end of her time there, always knew the two would find a way to use their talents as a team.

A few years passed after graduation when Adriana brought the idea to Hannah, to help with the design. After a month or so passed with no updates, Hannah seeing the great potential in the idea, pushed Adriana to pursue it. Eventually to the point that she decided to jump in as well!

In turn, the Lakehouse Candle Co. was born.

Hannah growing up on Lake Minnetonka and Adriana finding a great passion through Lake Superior’s adventurous shoreline, it was very easy for the pair to move forward and create an authentic, lake-loving themed candle inspired by the land we all know and love.