Kaitlyn Frank &

Kaitlyn Frank '11, '24

Managing Partner, Business Administration
B.A. ’11, M.B.A. '24 (College of Liberal Arts, Carlson School of Management)
Alumni Association Member

About Plantzilla
Plantzilla focuses on custom garden design and landscaping rooted in sustainability and beautification practices, serving the greater Twin Cities metro area. 


About Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn met her business partner, Kara, in undergrad at the U of M in 2009, and became fast friends. While their journeys have woven together and apart over the years, they discovered an opportunity to partner in a new business venture beginning in 2024 that would marry Kara's passion for plant care and landscaping and Kaitlyn's own newly minted MBA from Carlson. Together, they established Plantzilla, a custom garden design and landscaping company serving the greater Twin Cities metro. As they work together to grow and scale the business, Plantzilla prioritizes ethical and sustainable practices that harness our biome's natural beauty and utility.