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Mahogany Crutchfield &
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Mahogany Crutchfield '14

B.A. '14 (College of Liberal Arts)
Alumni Association Member

About GiftyWrap
GiftyWrap was born out of the passion and love that Mahogany has for celebrating family and friends. She struggled herself finding wrapping paper and event decor that was inclusive of the diverse community she grew up in. So with a little bit of sugar, spice & everything nice, this millennial girl created a company specializing in all things joy!

GiftyWrap produces stationary that not only brings joy but reflects the diverse community that we all live in. Through our unique and specialty wrapping paper we work to ensure that everyone feels seen and represented in the products used to celebrate them. Our goal is to bring more art into the world, spread joy and do it inclusively. Our wrapping paper is 100% recyclable, made from FSC certified forests and is printed with non toxic ink. Our balloons are biodegradable. By purchasing with us you are putting dollars into the art community, supporting a business creating products for everyone and does so with as light of an ecological footprint as possible.

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About Mahogany
Mahogany is a self described gifter and joy bringer. She has always believed it’s important to celebrate people, life and experiences. After being nudged by family and friends, Mahogany finally decided to start a business where she could live her passions every day while also providing products reflective of her diverse community. Producing products and decorations for special occasions, where she is able to create and spread joy, is the best job anyone could ever have. That's why she chose the motto"Gift Joy, Get Joy" for GiftyWrap because she believes you get as much joy from giving as you do from getting.

At the core of her businss Mahogany describes GiftyWrap as joyful, inclusive and midwestern and amis for her business to be a safe space to find celebratory products for all. Minnesota is home for Mahogany, so GiftyWrap has a midwest flair that replicates Minnesota's love for the outdoors and its commit to artistry.