Mitchell Rekstad, &
Mitchell Rekstad, &

Mitchell Rekstad, '19

Chief Operating Officer
B.A. ’19 (College of Liberal Arts)
Alumni Association Member

About DMR Supplies
DMR Supplies is a family-owned and family-operated medical supply company founded in 2000. From an initial product offering of exam gloves and masks, DMR has grown into a multi-dimensional medical distribution company. DMR serves local dental offices, medical clinics, educational institutions, tattoo shops, and more. If you need something in the medical field, we're here to help!

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About Mitchell 
Mitchell Rekstad is a University of Minnesota Alumni. He graduated in the winter of 2019 and now works full time with his brother (DJ), mother (Mary), cousin (Samantha), and longtime friend (Mitchell), making DMR a full-fledged family-business in every sense of the word.

Mitchell operates as the COO with a focus on business strategy, sales, marketing, and management of their dental customers. Mitchell has been working with DMR Supplies his whole life, as it goes with a family business - if you can walk and talk, you can help out.

He spent his summers working at DMR from 14-years-old through college. For a while - Mitchell worked in the warehouse moving boxes, packing kits, and making deliveries. During high school, DMR served as an employment agency to many of Mitchell's friends and family - creating a relaxed and exciting work environment. But as he grew older, his experience and knowledge of the business expanded, along with his drive for the work.

After trying his hand at a few different internships while at the University of Minnesota, Mitchell decided that he wanted to follow in his parent's footsteps as an entrepreneur. The freedom, responsibility, and joy from achieving incremental successes were the forces that drove him to DMR Supplies over the more conventional routes his friends were taking.

Now, as a full-time worker and part owner, Mitchell has ambitions to take the company he grew up with to new heights.