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Patrick Day '72

President, Pyramid Publishers
M.A. ’72 (College of Liberal Arts) 
Alumni Association Life Member

About Pyramid Publishers
Pyramid Publishers LLC was incorporated in Minnesota in 2012 as an independent book publisher. We are small. We are professional. We are inexpensive. And we are picky as to what we publish. Our goal is to publish books worthy to be read, not to publish anything just to make money.

Pyramid Publishers takes a book from concept to manuscript to print-ready cover and interior to listing on Amazon and other on-line booksellers to support in marketing and promoting your book.

Pyramid Publishers can publish your book three ways: 
* Traditional Publishing. We publish your book and pay you a royalty on each book sold.
* Self-publishing. You pay all costs for publishing the book and get 100% of the profits.
* Publishing Coaching. We coach you on how to go about publishing your book. You do all the work.

Alumni Discount 
10% discount to University of Minnesota Alumni
10% military discount for active military and veterans

1314 Grandview Circle
Buffalo, MN 55313 


About Patrick

Patrick Day has an undergraduate degree in English from Moorhead State University; an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities; and an M.A. in Reading from the University of St. Thomas. He has published nine books of his own and more than 20 books of other authors.

"I was the dean of instruction at a two-year college before taking early retirement to start a writing career. After self-publishing my first book with a company that charged me dearly, I started Pyramid Publishers to publish my next eight books. Along the way, I started publishing the books of other authors, which has now become my passion. My staff consists of highly-skilled independent contractors who work on a project by project basis. My office is in my home. The overhead is minimal.

"Strange as it may seem in this world of chasing a dollar, I'm a publisher because I love books and want to help a few people fulfill their dreams of being published authors. I'm not in this business to buy new cars, eat in fancy restaurants, or take exotic trips. You could call it my ministry in life, just as being a volunteer chaplain in jails was a ministry for a season after I left the college."
-Patrick Day, President, Pyramid Publishers