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#222 Luxury Soy Candle with Playlist - ships directly from maker

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The spiritual meaning of the number 222 signifies that you are about to embark on a new journey or cycle. Engage with your goals and ambition and have faith in them.

Our new artesian crafted candle #222 features an exotic blend of Patchouli+ Hops + Bergamot + Gardenia and embellished with Rainbow fluorite crystals. Rainbow fluorite is a multicolored crystal that is generally known for being associated with confidence, calmness and stability. It’s a stone that represents clarity and provides a sense of empowerment when it comes to unlocking your full potential and understanding your higher purpose.

We invite you to start your new year with intention. Let Kobi Co's new #222 candle set that vibe.

My small batch hand poured candles are crafted using non-toxic, environmentally friendly premium soy based wax so they burn cleaner and longer. Our 9 oz. candles burn for 50-60 hours with zero petro soot.

Candle Care:
Your clean burning, true-to-scent, and long-lasting premium soy candle was hand-poured with love. Please follow these instructions each time you use your candle for a safe and fragrant burn.

• Never leave candle unattended
• Trim wick ¼ each time candle is lit
• Burn candle between 1 and 4 hours at a time
• Keep away from draft

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