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Biff Ulm &
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Biff Ulm '97

B.B.A. '97 (UMD School of Business & Economics)
Alumni Association Member

About Nice Enough Stickers
Almost three decades ago, Biff took out his first business loan when he was sixteen to found a DJ company. Spinning vinyl funded his college tuition and seeded his next two businesses; a retail gift boutique and photography studio. After twenty years of learning how to scale and empower others to lead, Nice Enough Stickers was born in 2017. Biff found all of his businesses on this bedrock foundation, “Create success for others!”



About Biff Ulm
When not crafting something new at Nice Enough, you will find Biff cycling anywhere the road tilts towards the sky, traveling with his more talented wife, or enjoying a meal with friends. Biff has a love for education, helping others, dogs, and dinosaurs. Born during The Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac, Biff’s resourceful, kind personality shines through.