Beth Baumgartner &
Beth Baumgartner &

Beth Baumgartner '12

B.S. ’12 (College of Education and Human Development)
Alumni Association Member

About The First Year
Beth is the creator of, a food blog interlinking an interest in dessert recipes, blog writing and food photography. Her blog has received over 43 million page views and has been featured in BuzzFeed, Parade, Woman’s Day and Good Housekeeping. Beth believes that everyone should have a go-to dessert recipe and with over 600 recipes, she’ll help you find yours.

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About Beth
Beth grew up in Minnesota, where she met her husband, Ryan. They’re high school sweethearts, aww! They moved to Illinois in August 2013 because Ryan was working on his Ph.D. In 2017, he graduated and they moved to Michigan, where they currently live. This food blog was born in their really cozy kitchen, 120 square feet of coziness where all the baking, shooting, eating, and making started!