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Beth Baumgartner '12

Digital Creator, Author
B.S. ’12 (College of Education and Human Development)
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About Bakery Style Muffins book
Want to make absolutely perfect muffins that rival any professional bakery? I spent 6 months testing and perfecting muffin recipes so I could teach you the exact, easy to follow steps to make bakery style muffins at home!

Included in this softcover cookbook are 30 bakery style muffin recipes. Each recipe includes a photo, ingredients, instructions, prep time, bake time, rest time and yield. Imperial (US Standard) and Metric measures are included for each recipe.

Topics inside the book include how to create bakery style muffins, how to properly measure flour, how to release stuck on muffin tops, how to store and freeze muffins as well as recommended tools and equipment for making muffins.

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About Beth
Beth is the creator of, a food blog interlinking an interest in dessert recipes, blog writing and food photography. Her blog has received over 52 million views and has been featured in BuzzFeed, Parade, Woman’s Day and Good Housekeeping. Beth believes that everyone should have a go-to dessert recipe!