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Brandon Wetzstein '03

Founder and Principal
B.A. ’03 (College of Liberal Arts)
Alumni Association Life Member

About IN8 Create
IN8 Create provides custom workshops and growth journeys that elevate how teams work together. They specialize in the LEGO Serious Play Method where people build stories out of LEGO bricks.

Great for strategy, transformation, and team culture, IN8 Create can provide the environment and tools to get your team connecting in new and creative ways.

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Receive 10% off any workshop journey, individual workshop, or team building event.

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About Brandon
Brandon has always been an innovator - looking for ways to improve, pushing the boundary of what success looks like, and wondering what’s next. He found that unlocking the innovative and creative potential in others is his purpose. He enjoys finding what methods, tools, and environments work best to help others communicate, create, and imagine together.

This is his passion; Creating win-win scenarios in a fun way and helping teams align while communicating and unearthing individual ideas.