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Brent Peterson '87

M.A. '87 (Carlson School of Management)
Alumni Association Member

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An innovative approach to helping you build your career bolder. Both software and personal career guidance that allows customers to explore different career options, create a career path and strategy to get there, and analytics based coaching.

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About Brent

Brent brings global Human Resources experience in fortune 200 companies (Becton Dickinson, PepsiCo, Union Carbide) and has coached employees from entry level to c-suite on their careers. When working in corporate settings he could be frequently seen helping an employee by sketching out a map of experience, skills, network and values in the pursuit of a career destination. What started out as sketches has now made it into software.

He has worked and traveled around the globe finding ways to connect and move teams and strategy forward, and brings this perspective for diversity into every encounter with FlightPath customers. Regardless of the level and size of business, Brent notices thing and brings a respectful curiosity and energy that rallies people to the change they imagine and inspires courage in the face of unknowns and challenges.