Carly Gatzlaff &
Carly Gatzlaff &

Carly Gatzlaff '07

Founder | Owner
B.S. ’06 (College of Education and Human Development)
M.E. ’07 (College of Education and Human Development)
Alumni Association Member

About Churchill St. Restaurant
It's a family-friendly restaurant where parents can bring their kids to play, eat, and interact with others. It's a convenient, familiar place you can visit each day on your way to or from work for a fresh cup of coffee or a quick bite to eat. It's the perfect place to meet a friend, a client, a small group, or a date for an exceptional meal anytime of the day.

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4606 Churchill St.
Shoreview, MN 55126


About Carly
Growing up, Churchill St. owner Carly Gatzlaff often went to a local restaurant in Bismarck, North Dakota. The restaurant, an old train depot in a previous life, always bustled with people and sparkled with conversation. The food was great and the open atmosphere was perfect for seeing old friends and making new ones. Carly’s memories of those meals inspired her to dream about creating something similar for her own community. A place where people could go to feel joy, make memories, and eat really good food. Nestled in the heart of Shoreview, Minnesota, in a building that was once an old hardware store, Churchill St. will bring those dreams to life.