Catherine Hinz &
Catherine Hinz &

Catherine Hinz '09

Founder | CEO
M.H.A. ’09 (School of Public Health)
Alumni Association Member

About Beyond Words Co.
Our care packages are designed to support people through grief, loss, and difficult life transitions. They thoughtfully support the healing journey of a loved one, friend, or colleague. Our gifts have natural products to promote comfort, nourishment, and rest for the mind, body, and spirit. They beautifully support in circumstances like death of a loved one, health crises, surgeries and medical treatments, pregnancy loss, job loss, pet loss, divorce and relationship challenges among other life events. We provide calming and comforting moments for those needing support. Our care packages are curated to be like the stories of strength that inspire us: meaningful, beautiful, and worth sharing.

Corporations in our workplace giving programs also work with us to custom-design for other life events like welcoming new employees, welcoming a new baby or child, and team gifting for appreciation, milestones, events, and holidays.

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About Catherine
Catherine Hinz spent over twenty years working in healthcare and ten years in leadership to improve patient safety. She was regularly exposed to grief associated to medical errors among patients, their families, and clinical teams. It was in this arena that she learned how to lead and communicate through difficult and sensitive times.

After a series of personal life events that brought grief and loss into her life, she launched Beyond Words Co. in 2018. Through her own grieving experience, she realized that the typical gift responses offered to grieving loved ones could do so much more to serve their needs while mourning.

She created Beyond Words Co. to offer beautiful, research-driven gifts designed to meaningfully address grief and uncertainty, not just acknowledge it. Her heartfelt business is on a mission to ensure no one feels alone during life's hardest times.