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Chris Huset '06

B.S.B. '06 (Carlson School of Management)
Alumni Association Member

About Legacy Chocolates
Legacy Chocolates is dedicated to restoring the fine craft of real chocolate wherever discerning mouths are found. We are committed to the production of fresh, handmade, nutritious, high quality chocolate at affordable prices. Our intent is to have everyone know about, and fall in love with the earth’s most perfect food - REAL chocolate.

St. Paul's Only Chocolate Cafe
Our St. Paul store and cafe was designed in a fashion that enables customers to view all the products being made from start to finish – including all gourmet coffee beverages, from scratch baking, and premium hand crafted chocolate. Liberate your taste buds! They don’t know what they’ve been missing.

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Pioneer Endicott Building
141 E 4th Street
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About Chris
As a result of Chris starting out his career working for a couple small business owners that he really admired, he had an early desire to be an entrepreneur. Their work ethic, pride and culture exemplified was what he wanted to cultivate for his employees someday. In addition to on-the-job training, he thought attending an institution with an entrepreneurship program would help provide a solid foundation needed to venture out on his own, so he attended the Carlson School of Business and majored in entrepreneurship and finance.

Post college, he took a job in IT consulting at Accenture that allowed him to travel and work at some of the best companies in the world. Early in his consulting career, he worked on a project based in London, UK. It was there that he started learning more about what real chocolate is all about from a local British-based chocolatier and chef who was devoted to converting milk and sugar bar lovers to eating real chocolate. Having learned early on about the fantastic flavors and health benefits of hand-crafted chocolate, Chris took great joy in exploring and sharing the splendors and connection that chocolate brought with it. He went on to travel to chocolate havens, such Bruges, Belgium, Modica, Sicily, Paris, France, Luzerne, Switzerland, Cologne, Germany, and others, to get a better sense for the quality of chocolate that was being produced around Europe at the time. The closer he got to the purer forms of chocolate, the more he experienced the intimacy, nutrition and joy that came along with cacao. As a result, he started consuming a small amount of dark chocolate after every meal and have continued to do so for over a decade now.

On returning to the US, he made the jump to owning and operating Legacy Chocolates, which is based on fine European chocolates with less sugar and pure ingredients.