Cribbage Board of Reclaimed Wood
Cribbage Board of Reclaimed Wood
Cribbage Board of Reclaimed Wood

Cribbage Board of Reclaimed Wood

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This game board is made of reclaimed trees from Minneapolis / St. Paul neighborhoods - very cool. These live edge, solid wood cribbage boards will provide a lifetime of pleasure, not only for the game of cribbage itself but for the beautiful grain and patterns inherent to the natural wood that will enhance your space.

Measuring about 15” long and in the range of 5-9” wide, our small cribbage boards are the best way to get the most aesthetically pleasing play from the smallest amount of space.  

Each board has 2 tracks running up and back.  A total of 4 black metal pegs are stored and displayed on the board, held in place by magnets.  The small cribbage board pegs are 1-1/4” long and 1/8” diameter at the small end of the taper.  Boards are 3/4″ thick and finished with an environmentally friendly but durable clear finish.

Each board is unique and includes the zip code where the tree used to make it was located. Recycling at its finest!

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