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Dustin Vanasse '13

B.S. '13 (College of Continuing and Professional Studies)
Alumni Association Member

About Bare Honey
Growing up on his grandfather's cattle ranch sowed the seeds for Dustin’s interest in all things food. He went on to grow a career traveling the world as a gourmet chef for 15 years. Yet, his deep Minnesota roots led him back to our great state. Working alongside the local agriculture producers who supplied his restaurants menus kept him connected to Minnesota farms. It was this passion for Minnesota Agriculture that took him to the University of Minnesota, where he studied agribusiness and entrepreneurship.

Working within the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's Minnesota Grown team he designed, implemented and analyzed marketing studies for many of Minnesota’s grower’s associations. Discovering that one of the common threads between all of vegetable/fruit growers was the need for honey bees, he began a small family beekeeping business in order to maintain a genuine connection with the network of growers he'd met.

Today, under his and his wife’s stewardship, Bare Honey has become one of the most successful honey sellers in Minnesota, with products on the shelves of many specialty grocery stores across the country. His first career as a gourmet chef, combined with the new agribusiness skills learned at the University, provided a foundation for success.

Bare Honey produces innovative raw honey spreads that provide both healthy and delicious alternatives to many of the overly processed, sugar laden products available on grocery shelves today. 

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