Eve Poeschl &
Eve Poeschl &
Eve Poeschl &

Eve Poeschl '07

B.S. ’07 (College of Science & Engineering)
Alumni Association Member

About LECA Addict
Using her engineering background, Eve grows houseplants in semi-hydroponics with the goals of reducing the mental burden of watering plants, pest reduction, and the ability to maintain a collection of 300+ house plants and still go on 2-week+ vacations.

By day, she manages a product and a team at Boston Scientific. By night, she studies the science behind growing plants. As she learned more about this growing method, she realized there is a lack of information and resources for a beginner to get started. This is why she created LECA Addict. As Eve encountered growers new to LECA (Lightweight Expanding Clay Aggregate), she realized they all had similar questions. LECA Addict began as an education resource, and as it evolved, curious readers wanted more. This is how the LECA Addict Starter Kit was born, and a simple hobby turned into a small business. LECA Addict's mission is to empower anyone who wants to kick soil to the curb and start growing in LECA.

Eve lives in Minneapolis with her husband, 2 kids, and a Shiba Inu. 

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