Go Fish Wrapping Paper
Go Fish Wrapping Paper

Go Fish Wrapping Paper

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This fishing design was licensed from the collection by local Minnesota celebrity illustrator Emma Adams. It felt so authentically relatable and Midwestern that it was a must for GiftyWrap's first collection.

Emma is an illustration artist and designer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2018, she started Fox & Fables as a passion project to jumpstart her creative drive and over the years has built it into a career.

Emma fully believes that creating art inspires happiness and human connection, and she loves being able to share that with people. Emma likes to paint things that put a smile on her face, and if Emma's work can make others do the same, then mission accomplished!

Emma is happy to spend her days in her home studio with her two cats swatting at her paint brushes. Outside of work, you might find her tending to her garden, rummaging through the nearest thrift or vintage shop, or daydreaming about her next big adventure!

  • All GiftyWrap large wrapping paper rolls are 30" wide by 15 feet long.
  • Our recyclable paper is printed on satin gloss paper.

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