Jeremy Exley &
Jeremy Exley &

Jeremy Exley '05

B.C.E. '05 (College of Science and Engineering)
Alumni Association Member

Jeremy runs two companies in MN, Snake Eyes Yard Games and The Spirit Shield.

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About Snake Eyes Yard Games
Entrepreneurship was always in Jeremy’s blood and Snake Eyes Yard Games was the entrance into owning and running his own company. Playing a game of dice with friends indoors led to the creation of over-sized wooden dice for the outdoors and Snake Eyes Yard Games. We now manufacture a line of wooden games in Minneapolis and distribute them throughout the country. We love thinking of new games, figuring out how to manufacture them and then marketing and distributing them to bring family and friends together! 

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About The Spirit Shield
After graduation Jeremy joined Donaldson Company in Bloomington, MN where he developed the chemical filtration system for Boeing’s 787 aircraft. The knowledge from this project, other chemical filtration R&D and working in the semiconductor industry all led to a great understanding of how chemicals can be filtered. With Snake Eyes running Jeremy turned back to his passion of engineering and chemistry to solve a newly understood problem with spirits.  Oxygen entering a bottle once uncorked allowed oxidation and the uncontrolled changes to the aroma and flavor of the spirit. By removing the oxygen, we are able to preserve the flavors and aromas that were bottled at the distillery.

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