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Laura Harder '04

B.A. '04 (College of Liberal Arts)
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About Happy With Work
Happy With Work teaches organizations mindful, positive approaches to fostering well-being in their staff and serving their clientele.

At Happy With Work, we honor the effects that people-centered work can have on its actors. While our focus is on the social service sector, we have found our approach to be well received in a wide range of fields and have worked with: • Activist Organizations • Shelter and Housing Organizations • Mental Health Agencies • Teachers and Primary/Secondary Education Organizations • Higher Education Professionals • Architects • Lawyers • Religious groups • Political Organizations • County and Government Offices • Law Enforcement

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About Laura
While working as a manager in social services, Laura Harder recognized the need for a new approach to leadership in direct service. She saw the need for management that acknowledges the challenges of people-centered work like emotional exhaustion, disengagement, and a diminished sense of accomplishment. Given the importance of human service work, she has dedicated her professional life to improving the experience of those who help others.

To learn new ways of preventing burnout and promoting work engagement, Laura earned an MA in applied social psychology at Metropolitan State University. As a researcher, she explores the causes of burnout in people's work and the effect of practitioner stress on their success with clients. Through her research, she has found that in order to help others be well, we must first be well ourselves.

Laura's professional goal is to share what she has learned in order to promote well-being and effective service to those most in need.