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Mary Ottman &
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Mary Ottman '93

M.P.H. '93 (School of Public Health)
Alumni Association Member

About Siena Soap Company
Siena Soap Company, LLC is an all-natural handcrafted artisan skincare company specializing in making every product one batch at a time. No two batches are exactly alike, encouraging them to think of all their products as works of art! All of their soaps are made from scratch, using the timeless cold-processed soap making method. Their family of seven, along with the large extended family and friends, enthusiastically test the products before they are brought to you. Every product offered was created with a specific need in mind from a family member or friend. When formulating each product, they only use the finest natural ingredients directly from nature. You won’t find any ingredient listed in the products that the Ottmans wouldn’t apply to their own skin! They are confident that you will find Siena Soap products to be the richest, most indulgent skincare you’ve ever experienced.

Check out "TDR's Into the Woods" Men's Bar which is named after Mary's father, Thomas Daniel Rudolph, who graduated from the U of M with his Doctorates in Forest Management!

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About Mary Ottman
The founder, Mary, is a public health administrator with a graduate degree in Public Health Administration from the University of Minnesota and is the creative force behind the company. Mary started Siena Soap Company as a small hobby to bring natural relief to her multicultural family’s diverse skincare needs.