Matt Brunnette &
Matt Brunnette &
Matt Brunnette &

Matt Brunnette '09 and Brad Wellman '09

Matt Brunnette
B.S. '09 (Carlson School of Management)

Brad Wellman
B.A. '09 (College of Liberal Arts)

Alumni Association Members

About Mill City Fineries
What began in 2013 as an apartment operation in south Minneapolis between college friends, with little more than a handful of beautiful fabrics we acquired while traveling through New York City, sparked what would become Mill City Fineries.
Born out of a passion for hand-making small-batch menswear accessories in our home state of Minnesota, we continue to travel to the far-flung corners of the world to personally acquire the most unique and highest quality fabrics.
From the small-batch Fineries available in our shop and curated collections offered by our select retail partners; to bespoke pieces for weddings, small groups, and special events, each piece is made by hand by ourselves and a small band of artisans in Minneapolis.

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610 SE 9th St UNIT 106,
Minneapolis, MN 55414