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Michial Foy '85

B.A. ’85 (College of Liberal Arts)
Alumni Association Life Member

About Chef Blackanese
From Mike:

"The Chef Blackanese brand has a unique name and story. The name 'Chef Blackanese' was given to me by the founder of the Dragon Inn Restaurant, Tony Chang. When I purchased the restaurant in 2008, he taught me the fundamentals of Mandarin and Cantonese cooking. He also taught me how people from different cultures can work together in efforts to create happiness by creating delicious meals.

Chef Blackanese is an extension of the Dragon Inn Restaurant. I wanted to introduce America to the great tasting sauces that has satisfied customers for over 50 years. My experience as a Gopher wrestler and U.S. Olympian has taught me that no one becomes successful without the help from his/her teammates."



About Michial Foy
Michial Foy is a 1985 Graduate of the University of Minnesota. He went on to earn his M.B.A. at Regis University in Denver Colorado in 2006 while working in the pharmaceutical industry for Upsher-Smith Pharmaceutical in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Michial, his wife and six children owned and operated Dragon Inn Restaurant for 15 years. His experience led him to launch Chef Blackanese Brand Food. Owning the Dragon Inn also gave Michial a deeper understanding of inclusion and appreciation for racial diversity. Chef Blackanese is a celebration of blended cultures and food.