Nate Melek &
Nate Melek &

Nate Melek '12

Founder and CEO
B.S. ’12 (College of Education and Human Development)
Alumni Association Member

About Think Local MN
Think Local MN is the go-to app for Minnesota communities, providing the best events, news and businesses. They give advanced technology to local entities and businesses to empower the Shop Local revolution.


Shoppers: Connect with your local community in a brand new way. Join the #ShopLocal revolution in your town!

Business owners: With Think Local MN, you Experience the Evolution of your Business in a brand new way to reach new heights, enhance user experience and drive local foot traffic! Come together with the community in the app, see the results, and share in the elevated success of your business!

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30% off annual business listing

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About Nate Melek
Nate is a U of M grad, but previously he was a college baseball player at Oklahoma State and University of New Mexico. Nate was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays back in 2006 where he chased his dreams of becoming a Major Leaguer. After his career in baseball he moved back home to MN and finished out his last year of college in business and marketing classes here at the U.

Nate has always had the ambition and drive to become a business leader, and more specifically of his own businesses in which he has been an important part of a few times. Nate's newest and most recent venture is called Think Local MN. Nate aims to connect communities, their residents and the locally owned businesses, events, news and weather by utilizing his patented proprietary tech mobile/web app as an advertising/marketing and promotional tool for businesses to gain a stronger, more personal reach with their current and future customer base.