Richard Stephani &
Richard Stephani &

Richard Stephani '98 and Jim Schonrock '99

Richard Stephani
M.S.E.E. '98 (College of Science and Engineering)

Jim Schonrock
B.A. '99 (College of Liberal Arts)

Alumni Association Members

About Stephrock
Rick and Jim have known each other since middle school and both attended the University of Minnesota in the 1990s. Around the time they graduated from the U of M, they got together and created the idea and prototype for their first card game. After initially entertaining the possibility of forming a company to publish the game, they put it on the back burner to pursue other career opportunities. Then in the spring of 2020, both the prototype and ambition to start a company resurfaced and they formed the game publishing company Stephrock LLC.

When Rick and Jim are not out running marathons they are thinking of ideas for their next game. In other words, they are always thinking of ideas for their next game.

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