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Rick Swanson '87

B.S. '87 (College of Education and Human Development)
M.A. '95 & '06 (Graduate School)
Alumni Association Member

About Fox and Swan Arts
Rick's pursuit of photography is rooted in his studies in education and the history of science at the U of M. Electrons are linked to light and color, and this relationship can be described mathematically. The question of how humans came to know all of this inspired Rick to study the history of science in graduate school. After a long career in education as a high school chemistry and physics teacher, Rick started Fox and Swan Arts with his wife in 2014. “Chasing light” as a photographer is a lot like chasing an understanding of light as a scientist. Now, Rick expresses his appreciation of science history in his photography. And, just for kicks, he still shoots black and white film and develops it with coffee. Many of those images are available here in the MN Alumni Market. Rick continues to expand his collection of photographic images collected from around Minnesota, and from around the world.

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