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Sarah Lempa '18

B.S.B. ’18 (Carlson School of Management)
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About Dang Fine Creative
Dang Fine Creative is a digital content agency serving up thoughtfully curated ideas and innovations for brands who are down to be bold. Through clever social media strategies and content, bespoke copywriting, content + email marketing, and a million other little "wow that's creative"-worthy ideas, we're equipped with the know-how and passionate drive to accelerate a brand's presence on the 'net. We help our clients cultivate an online presence that not only dazzles upon delivery, but converts into real, long-term success.

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About Sarah 

Sarah Lempa was a fresh college grad back in 2018. Ever-so unconventional, she opted to live from a backpack with her laptop in tow rather than pursue a "normal" career path. Six months after buying a one-way to Vietnam in a total "why the hell not" moment, she had scaled a freelance business as a writer and media strategist into a full-time career.

In 2021, Dang Fine Creative was born. The agency is a culmination of years of hands-on industry experience, a ton of "aha!" moments, and an unflinching desire to help businesses grow and express themselves in an authentically unique way – but as a small team, this time around – earning wins for clients across social media and other digital channels.

Sarah is also a published writer. Her work has appeared in top publications such as VICE, Business Insider, Fast Company, HuffPost, Healthline, and more – all while traveling the world (and working with clients across a mind-boggling amount of timezones).