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Suzette Gilreath &

Suzette Gilreath '20

B.A. ’20 (College of Liberal Arts)
Alumni Association Member

About JornaeLLC
JornaeLLC specializes in various services and products - including but not limited to dance classes/movement workshop residencies, live performances, healing engagements, transformational-based meetings, AND MORE! The activities, products, and services were created to enhance Mental, Physical, Emotional, Financial, and Spiritual Well Being.

At JornaeLLC, we serve a wide range of clients from families to professional working adults. Our main goal is to provide healing through an internal engagement of the mind, body, and spirit. What makes us different from other dance studios and or dance instructors/healers is that we make our clients feel alive, supported, and confident during our time together, which echoes after their time with us.

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About Suzette
Suzette Jornae Gilreath is a Twin Cities native, and is currently a dance artist based in Minnesota. As of May 2020, she received her B.A in Dance and American Sign Language from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. Jornae is a virtuosic, versatile, and curious mover. She began her dance training at Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artist, and TU Dance at the age of 16. She is classically trained in Classical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet, Modern and African, with experience in street style Hip-hop, and Heels. As an alumni student from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Dance Program, she has been taught under the instruction of Carl Flink, Toni Pierce-Sands, Ananya ChatterJea, Erin Thompson. Through her dance training, she has obtained, a greater understanding of the relationship dance has with the world, globally and internationally.

Suzette is the founder and president of JornaeLLC. JornaeLLC was founded in 2020 for the active practice of enhancing the world around Suzette herself through art.