Tasha Harris &
Tasha Harris &

Tasha Harris '07

B.A. '07 (Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication)
Alumni Association Member

About Kobi Co.
Kobi Co. is a candle and wellness brand that creates luxury aromatherapy products to help busy people find more peace in their day. At Kobi Co. we believe candles and music combined are magical mood shifters that can quickly shift drained energy into relaxation and joy. Our soy candles are lovingly hand-poured and accompanied with a finely curated playlist to help you set an intentional vibe for whatever mood you are in.

Kobi Co. is a black-owned, woman-owned business based in Minneapolis that is also super passionate about helping young BIPOC women succeed. Every purchase helps to fund the education of a young BIPOC woman through our annual scholarships.

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About Tasha Harris
In 2007, Tasha Harris graduated from the University of Minnesota. Kobi, her daughter created Kobi Co. in her senior year of high school, which was unfortunately the same year the coronavirus hit. Despite that, the business grew and Kobi and Tasha are now the co-owners of Kobi Co., a candle and wellness brand that is dedicated to helping people take better care of themselves and share the practice of self-care with others.