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Umut Kaplan '19

E.E. '19 (College of Science and Engineering)
Alumni Association Member

About Coccinella
Umut and his family produce their own extra virgin olive oils from Turkey. They also offer authentic Turkish textiles and much more at Coccinella's brick and mortar shop at 50th and France in Edina, Minnesota. After attending the U of M, Umut wanted to bring a part of his culture to share with the community that embraced him and his family.

Shop Coccinella

4946 France Ave S
Edina, MN 55410


About Umut
When his family decided to host an Italian exchange student in their home in Turkey, Umut and his brother's journey to the United States started the following year. His parents were so grateful for the fact his friends, their families, and faculty embraced their children and made them feel at home away from home. That sparked the idea of bringing a part of their culture from their hometown. They started partnering together with the local farmers and a local factory and began their family's own production of premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

The quality achieved due to its unique process was recognized at the largest and most prestigious olive oil competition, NYIOOC, with a gold award. Umut and his family also partnered with a small family of weavers and brought their authentic Turkish textiles such as their unique and versatile beach towels, blankets, kitchen towels, robes, etc. They have a retail and a warehouse location in Edina. The warehouse location is used for the operations of their wholesale and corporate gifting business. They treat their guests with a cup of Turkish coffee there as well!